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The Vodka Advent Calendar


Welcome to an exciting countdown to Christmas with The Vodka Advent Calendar. Containing 24 high quality vodkas, the line up has been specially selected for any vodka lover! The 24 miniatures allow you to release your inner mixologist, with 5 cocktail recipes included.

The calendar contains the below in no particular order:

  • The Lakes Distillery Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur (25%),5cl
  • The Lakes Distillery Lakes Vodka (40%), 5cl
  • Au Vodka Blue Raspberry (32.5%), 5cl
  • Au Vodka Black Grape (32.5%), 5cl
  • Au Vodka Pineapple Crush (32.5%), 5cl
  • Holy Grass Scottish Vodka (41.5%), 5cl
  • Poetic Licence Graceful Vodka (40.4%), 5cl
  • Ludlow Classic Botanical Vodka (42%), 5cl
  • Nelsons Vodka Special Edition (42.5%), 5cl
  • Lakeland Moon Vodka (40%), 5cl
  • Cuckoo Spring Vodka (40%), 5cl
  • Batch Innovations Apprentice’s Vodka (40%), 5cl
  • Batch Innovations Citra Vodka (40%), 5cl
  • Cuckoo Supremo Vodka (40%), 5cl
  • One Vodka (40%), 5cl
  • Two Birds Christmas Spices Vodka (37.5%), 5cl
  • Two Birds Salted Caramel English Vodka (37.5%), 5cl
  • Two Birds Passion Fruit Vodka (37.5%), 5cl
  • Four Feathers Botanical Vodka (40%), 5cl
  • Four Feathers Polish Caramel Vodka (38%), 5cl
  • Manchester Spirit Botanical Classic Vodka (40%), 5cl
  • Manchester Spirit Botanical Grapefruit Vodka (40%), 5cl
  • Manchester Spirit Botanical Coffee Vodka (40%), 5cl
  • Manchester Spirit Botanical Tonka Vodka (40%), 5cl


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